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Creative Corporate Team Building Activities

Sometimes, we are looking for a team bonding activity that is completely out of the world. A challenge that may seem impossible at first, but actually achievable. Will 200 + employees ( or even more!)  be able to concentrate their forces and play all their instruments together, in unison and in harmony, at the same time?

Yes, it is possible. 

We do all these by meeting your corporate requirements of budget (email us for a quote), and also, corporate objectives that you may need to impart to your staff.

What are Boomwhackers?

Boomwhackers are colourful, harmless looking plastic pipes that can forms a single note when struck, and form beautiful melodies when your entire company is playing together in coordination. Your entire team of staff be divided into groups (based on the different musical notes), and taught to strike the right notes at the right time to form melodies of music. 

The whole concept of this is rather similar to handbells, where each person is in charge of one note, or at higher levels, multiple notes. If you think about it.. it is exactly like a choir, where each group is producing one note, to their own rhythm and patterns.

Turn Your Entire Company Into an Orchestra

Running very much like a company, the Boomwhackers Orchestra consists of different departments, working in unison within themselves, and yet, complimenting and backing up the other groups. Toughing it out as a team, strength is built among the group as your staff learn how to stay focused within their department, and yet at the same time, to be aware of the other musical parts that are concurrently happening without being distracted. This trains their adaptability and promotes healthy interdepartmental competition. As with learning any new challenge or skill, it will start off as a test of wits, but soon, they will be able to let loose, ending in a final showdown where every single group is playing music together, managing their own parts and forming beautiful music as a harmonic team. Not to mention, the best team will get to go home with bragging rights!

This artistic music form guarantees fun and laughter, while it teaches the important core values of communication and solving issues in the team. Depending on the time and the goals, our experts will guide you through the main objective and may have time to play games like Repeat My Rhythm, Simon Says, Star Wars, and many more. Turn your workforce into a work family!

No Musical Experience Required

Anybody can do it. Col0ured Scores (coloured accordingly to the colour of the boomwhackers) will be flashed on the screen, and all your staff will need to do is to stay focused and strike the correct note at the correct timing. This is a simple artform that requires alot of coordination. Your staff can definitely do it as long as they set their mind to it, to cooperating and communicating as a team. This will team them to solve issues as a group, over a fun and mentally engaging afternoon together.

Reinforcing your Companies Strategies

Do you have any company mission, vision, goals, strategies, and guidelines that you want to deeply imprint into your staff? We will be able to include these messages into your customisable workshop, be it in the introduction before the fun begins, during the activities itself, or as a conclusion after everything. Get in touch with us and we can see how we can make this work!

Parts of a Boomwhacker

The boomwhacker consists of a long plastic tube. It has 2 holes at both ends where the sound resonates from. and sometimes even, a boomwhacker cover that caps one end of the tube to bring the note one octave down. Interestingly, the harmonic frequency is directly related to the wavelength, where the longer the boomwhacker is, the lower the note will be, and vice versa, the shorter the note is, the higher the boomwhackers go. For example, a Low C will be twice as short as a high C.

Ways to Strike a Boomwhacker

Your staff will be introduced to the different ways to strike a Boomwhacker without injuring themselves – they could strike it on a hard surface (like a table), their legs, their other hand, or even their heads! You can strike 2 boomwhackers against each other to create harmonies.


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