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How many band members would you like? (One of them will be the lead singer)

Do You require us to provide a sound system?
YesNoNot sure

If you need us to provide a sound system, how many hours do you require? (if unsure, put unsure)

Hello! we provide amazing sound systems that will sound good even from far.


If you would like a quote or to make an enquiry, kindly fill up the form and we will get back to you soonest.

Do you need any microphones?

Do you need us to recommend some performers for your event? No obligations!

If you need background music (Spotify Premium), do you need us to create a playlist for you?
Please create a playlist for usNo, we prefer to create a playlist ourselvesNo, we do not need background music

we have  gr8 corporate worshops]

Which Corporate Workshop would you like?

How Many pax do you estimate will be attending the workshop? If unsure, put "unsure"

How many hours would you like the workshop to be? If unsure, put "unsure".

How Many Sessions would you like the workshop to be? If unsure, put "unsure"


we have awesome magic performances!

If you require a quote or just want to make an enquiry, kindly fill up this form, and we'll get back to you soonest!

Do you require a Stage Act or a Roving Act? (A "Roving Act" means the magician(s) will mingle among your audience and show them magic)

If you had selected "Roving Acts", How many people in your audience do you estimate? (put "unsure" if you are not sure.)

Additional details? (Are there other details of your event that you need us to know about?)


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