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The Morning Show Band

Acoustic Trio

The Morning Show Band is an energetic, unique and fun band that made up of vocalist (Regine), beatboxer (Charles) and guitarist (Ernest).
Regine Han, the Performing Artiste for Audio Technica, is highly experienced in the scene and known for her powerhouse vocals, sharp wit and jokes that will leave you in stitches.
Ernest, having opening for FIR Band before, is one of the most skilled guitarists you will ever meet, and never fails to wow and impress with his soaring rock vocals.
Charles (Stitch) is the band’s resident beatboxer, having opened concerts for Kanye West and the All American Rejects.
Together they form an all star team that produces great music with great laughs!

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TheCold Cut Duo is made up of Wilson and Gwendolyn, 2 talented musicians who are passionate about their music. They commonly perform for corporate events, weddings and do regular gigs.

Their music is mainly acoustic with a pinch of beatbox to spice up the mood!

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Little Red Dots

Acapella with powerful sound effects

As if the idea of producing an entire song with only the human voice isn’t amazing enough, Little Red Dots takes it up a notch further by producing electronic sounds and basslines using the mouth.

Equipped with not 1, but 2 beatboxers, this group reinvents A Cappella with their heavy emphasis on mindblowing vocal sound effects using only the mouth.

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