2 Piece Band Singapore

If you are a Wedding Planner / Bride and Groom who is looking for a the sound of a full band, for the affordable price of 2 performers,  Advent Music would like to get in touch with you. Contact us today!


  • Acoustic Live Band
  • Customisable  (Duration and Number of Sets) – Let us know how many sets do you need!
  • We will do melodies that your crowd will enjoy and love
  • Your audience will be able to socialize and enjoy the night as our music is at a comfortable, moderate volume
  • No Registration/Hidden fees!

 Enquire Now!

    (Applicable to weddings only)How many Emcees will you require?

    Any Language Preference for the Emcee? (English? Chinese? Billingual?)

    How many band members would you like? (One of them will be the lead singer. So far, Duo has been our hottest option!)

    Do you require us to provide a sound system? (Most hotel's sound system can only accommodate emceeing, background music, and video montage, but will not be able to accommodate an acoustic band. Still, no harm checking with them!)
    YesNoNot sure

    If you need us to provide a sound system, how many hours do you require? (if unsure, put unsure)

    Roughly Many Pax will be attending your wedding? (so that we can quote for an appropriate sound system)


    Acoustic Live Wedding Duo

    If you need a lively music performance that your audience will be entertained by, Our acoustic live duo will gladly give you a showcase of your favourite songs. Pairing up great singers with talented musicians, our acoustic bands add a touch of prestige and class to your celebration.

    This performance is great for Weddings.


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