Three Piece Acoustic Live Band

If you are a Wedding Planner / Event Organiser/ Planner who is looking for a performance that your crowd / audience will enjoy, Advent Music would like to get in touch with you. Contact us today!

  • Acoustic Live Band
  • Customisable  (Duration and Number of Sets) – Let us know how many sets do you need!
  • We do melodies that your crowd will enjoy and love
  • Your crowd will be able to talk and enjoy the night as our music is at a comfortable, moderate volume

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    Advent Music would like to present to you a Acoustic Live Band singing performance that will wow your crowd! In Singapore, regardless of your location or event, everyone wants to chill out and enjoy a medley of songs that they recognise while they indulge in a satisfying meal and drink at your event venue. Or sometimes, you need a specific song for an opening that will bring the correct message to your audience and and boost the morale of your staff. If you are looking for good live entertainment, do get in touch with us.

    The Suits Live Acoustic Band

    If you need an upbeat music act that your crowd will be entertained by, we will gladly give you a showcase of upbeat tunes. An All Star team of an energectic guitarist, multi – genre vocalist and skilled beatboxer, we will bring you an acoustic act that your crowd will enjoy and remember. We set the standard high on entertainment! And sometimes, if you or the audience would like to be the superstar for one or 2 of the songs, you may request to rehearse and perform together with us. This is great for Event Openings and Weddings. Contact us here! We deliver impressive and musical performances that will wow your clients or audiences. Also, if you are an event company, there will be special rates for you. Contact us now!

    If you are looking for a different Performance, click here. 

    Advent Music