Beatbox Classes for MOE Schools

Ministry of Education (MOE) encourages “social and emotional learning” for the various methods that it helps in a student’s character development. For example, it helps the student develop their outgoing nature, their social skills, communication skills, creativity and critical thinking which all helps them develop into ‘globally responsible citizens’.

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    If you are a educator who wants to foster the above skills in your learners and want to help them develop skills for group cooperation and coordination, our beatboxing course would certainly be something you would be very interested in. Our faculty’s skills focus on group classes which shall help the students develop the skills and emotions essential for teamwork.

    Teamwork is an extremely important skill when it comes to real life work practices as we know. Beyond the school books and the methods of rote learning; working in groups shall help your students reach new heights of creativity and social skills. Working in groups shall help your pupils empathize with their fellow teammates and in the future with fellow citizens.

    Education’s goal after all is that of helping a student reach all creative heights they can while remaining a conscious and responsible citizen. To that extent beatboxing requires extreme group coordination, self-discipline and the development of the necessary skills while developing a perception of rhythm.

    Howard Gardner, a psychologist from Harvard University in 1980s had suggested the concept of “multiple intelligences”. The concept is rather basic. There is no monolithic “one intelligence”. There are many forms of intelligences among them he noted for example, “musical intelligence”, “kinaesthic intelligence” and also “interpersonal intelligence”. These intelligences, and many others are second nature to us humans, but they need to be nurtured. The everyday rote learning of books for tests don’t help one get beyond “linguistic” and “mathematical” intelligence.

    For these reasons that you might know, MOE strongly encourages various extracurricular activities. Our skills in music pedagogy matched with your student’s enthusiasm to learn develop their personality, can help unleash the dreams that MOE envision their students to achieve.

    Learning beatboxing shall help to unleash the musical prowess in students and help them further their careers in the creative profession in future if they wish to, or at least they shall take back with them fond memories of nurturing their leadership abilities and social skills to have some fun while going through the learning process. Contact Advent Music today!

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