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At Advent Music, we provide beatbox lessons that are targeted at anyone who has an interest and passion to learn the skill of beatboxing. Perhaps you are a student who wants to do this art form professionally, or just a hobbyist, or if you are a parent who wants your children to play around with new ways of being creative, do Contact us to find out more!

We offer beatboxing courses for

  • MOE Schools
  • Companies, or
  • Personal Private Lessons

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice, or a beatboxer who wants to learn more sounds to add to your inventory so that you can be competition ready, we provide music lessons that will take your vocal percussion to the next level.

  • Interactive lessons for individual or group
  • lessons will go at each person’s pace, even if it is in a group
  • You will be able to string together a short performance at the end of the course
  • Depending on the length of the sessions, students may get to jam and battle!
  • Take your beatboxing skills to the next level today!

We are experienced in not only teaching, but also performing, and we promise to unleash the musician in you.

  • Solo Classes or
  • Group Classes

are both available.

Learn at a comfortable pace for yourself with solo classes, or enjoy the thrill of group classes as you make more friends and put each other to the test with friendly and healthy competition. We have a flexible mechanism of teaching where we let the you, the consumer, decide where and when they wish to learn, and these matters can always be negotiated.

The speed of training can be adapted to the individual’s learning abilities and skills which will help students with no prior knowledge and also students who do have prior knowledge of it. We have designed three levels of learning catered to your level of expertise –  basic, intermediate and advanced.

The skill of beatboxing is very detailed, requiring you to manipulate your vocal cords, lips, throat, tongue, body, and in the process, helps you to push your body to the limit. When you are beatboxing, your body becomes the musical instrument without any objects. Beatboxing truly is one of the earliest, fundamental, basic and yet one of the most impressive forms of music making. Contact Advent Music today!

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