Beatbox Music Lessons for MOE Schools

Are you a Teacher / Music HOD, or Principal searching for quality Music Lessons that teaches pupils something that is hip, trendy, and they will fully enjoy? Advent Music would love to get in touch with you.

  • Learn how to produce amazing SFX and Rhythms using only the mouth.
  • Customisable Lesson Duration and Number of Sessions
  • Students inculcate crucial values of teamwork, problem solving, and discipline
  • Students are given opportunities to exercise and showcase their creativity

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    How To Beatbox

    Beatboxing is an artform that is difficult to learn without a instructor to watch and guide. While there are many beatbox tutorials online, videos will not be able to guide a student and correct a student’s incorrect mouth posture, mouth shape, or wrong muscle engagement. Your students do not need to wander around in the dark anymore! Our beatboxing syllabus, put together over more than 10 years of theory and practical experiences, will help your students to speed up the entire process.

    Accelerated Learning Speed

    We have been through and experimented all the difficulties of beatboxing so that your students do need need to go through it themselves. At the very start of the course, we go through in full detail, what are the usual problems of any particular sound, and the dos and don’ts that each student needs to take note of..

    Some sounds took me 3 months to get, and i’ve taken close notice of all the mistakes that I’ve made in the process, so that I can tell the pupils what are the good and bad practices of each sound. this compresses their learning time into as short as one day to obtain certain challenging sounds.

    Beatbox Music

    Depending on what you prefer, our lesson may either comprise of

    • Full-On Beatboxing
    • Beatboxing to Music, or
    • Beatboxing to raps that the students have created themselves

    We have taught more than 14000 students beatboxing, but just to give a few examples, Queenstown Primary School enjoys the full on beatboxing course, Punggol Cove Primary School engages their students with the beatboxing to their favorite songs (like let it go in the Frozen Soundtrack or Roar by Katy Perry), and Tampines Primary kicks it up a notch with the students
    their own raps, and beatboxing to it as a team. (This is difficult but possible. Long periods and student attitude and aptitude are a requirement for this option)

    Social Emotional Learning

    Ministry of Education (MOE) promotes “social and emotional learning” for the different ways that it helps in a student’s character development. For instance, it helps the student cultivate their outgoing nature, their social skills, communication skills, creativity and critical thinking which all helps them develop into ‘globally responsible citizens’.

    If you are a educator looking to nurture the above skills in your pupils and wish to help them develop the essential skills for group cooperation and coordination, our beatboxing lessons would definitely be something you would be extremely interested in. Our faculty’s skills focus on group classes which will help the students build the skills and emotions necessary for teamwork.

    Teamwork is an extremely essential skill when it comes to real life work practices as we know. Beyond the school textbooks and the practices of dead learning; working in groups will help your students reach new heights of creativity and social skills. Working in groups shall make your students empathize with their fellow teammates and in the future with fellow citizens.

    Education’s aim after all is that of helping a student reach all creative heights they can while they continue to be a conscious and responsible citizen. To that extent vocal percussion requires high levels of group coordination, discipline and the development of the necessary musical skills while developing a sense of rhythm.

    Howard Gardner a psychologist from Harvard University in 1980s had proposed the idea of “multiple intelligences”. The theory is rather simple. There is no monolithic “one intelligence”. There are many forms of intelligences among them he noted for example “musical intelligence”, “kinaesthic intelligence” and also “interpersonal intelligence”. These intelligences, and many others are innate to us humans, but they need to be nurtured. The everyday rote learning of textbooks for examinations doesn’t help one get beyond “linguistic” and “mathematical” intelligence.

    For these reasons that you might know, MOE strongly encourages various extracurricular activities. Our expertise in music pedagogy paired with your student’s enthusiasm to learn develop their personality, can help unleash the dreams that MOE envision their students to achieve.

    Learning beatboxing shall help unleash the musical skills in pupils and help them further their careers in the creative profession in future if they wish to, or at least they shall keep with them fond memories of nurturing their leadership abilities and social skills to have some enjoyment while going through the learning process. Contact Advent Music today!

    Advent Music