Beatbox Online Skype Classes

Beatbox Online Lessons

  • Stop wasting time and pace it to your own speed
  • Suitable for Adults, Teenagers and Children
  • Tell me your directions and i will guide you in that direction

    There are tonnes of youtube lessons on beatboxing. Why should you pay for a Skype lesson?

    Just type in “Beatbox Online Lessons” in Youtube. You will be flooded with an overwhelming amount of information. Do give it a try. I was there before, and there are many many things to organise. i have spent a crazy amount of time putting these together, in a clear and concise way, so that you don’t have to.

    A friend once told me, that finding information on the internet is like drinking from a water hose. Yes, you can drink, but its just too much, with an unclear direction or sequencing in which you should undertake the task.

    Skype Beatboxing Classes, instead, lets YOU, tell ME, the direction that you want to go, and i will be able to direct you in that direction.

    This saves you hours of time searching on Youtube towards your desired direction.

    Whether you are training towards
    1. Beatboxing for an Acapella group
    2. Training for battle
    3. Putting together a performance from scratch
    4. Learning how to collaborate with other musicians/ singers
    5. Just learning for fun

    Each of these directions are different, and i will be able to guide you through each of them.

    I can Skype call you for the first 15 minutes, free of charge. This is where you will assess if these lessons will be suitable for you or not. If you have any knowledge of beatboxing, don’t hold back, so that i will be able to match you at an appropriate speed.

    My Online Beatbox School will let me help you one on one,. so that we get straight to your direction and the things that you want to learn.


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