Beatbox Performance

If you are an Event Planner/ Organiser searching for a unique act that is exciting and engaging, Advent Music would like to get in contact with you. Contact us today!

  • Beatboxing (Vocal Percussion) Showcase
  • Customisable length (it can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 25 minutes)
  • Engaging audience participation (if crowd is appropriate)
  • Audience (even Dinner and Dance!) has a good laugh and is fully drawn into the performance
  • Crowd will be impressed as 1 mouth does all their favourite songs
  • Show appropriate for all ages
  • Beatboxer will only hit the audience with songs that they can relate to.

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    At Advent Music, Charles Stitch Wong presents to you a unique beatboxing performance that will impress your crowd!

    Beatboxing is an art form that went from the streets to the stage. Charles will deliver a professional performance that will win over the crowd.

    Charles never does long and boring freestyles, but instead, keeps hitting his audiences with evergreen songs that they can relate to, like Stand By Me, I Like to Move It, Billie Jean and many more songs that they can recognise.

    Charles gets all the audiences involved as he believes in performing to the crowd, not at the crowd. He will get your entire crowd beatboxing at one point, and he will also invite 2 soloists up on stage to beatbox too!

    Regardless of whether your event is a Dinner and Dance, an outdoor or indoor event, or a grand opening or closing. Charles guarantees to wow your crowd. His show is appropriate for any age as his songs have no vulgarities in them.

    It will be a very special performance that will impress your clients.  Contact us today!

    Advent Music