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Are you an MOE School Teacher/ Educator looking for AMIS* instructor to show your students how to do beatboxing? Advent Music would like to get in touch with you.

  • AMIS approved Beatboxing Instructors
  • NAC Grant Approved (You can claim 50% of the course fees from this grant!)
  • Popular and trendy artform
  • Students learn discpline and unity throughout the course
  • SEL and PAL values are imparted throughout the course
  • No need for music theory or background
  • Absolute beginners may enter the class
  • No requiment to buy any instruments
  • Customisable number of lessons – 4 lessons to 12 lessons
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    Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion that uses many cool sound effects, rhythms, and instruments, produced only from the mouth. There is almost limitless potential, from the basics B, t, and Keh, to more difficult SFXs like scratching and rapping and beatboxing at the same time. Usually called the the fifth element of Hip-Hop, vocal percussion is a trendy artform that is truly fun for primary school students, and will teach them key values of teamwork and basic self- control.

    Charles Stitch Wong, the maker of this beatbox syllabus, has taught more than 14000 understudies with his beatbox course. Educating the pupils beats, rhythms, and SFX, Advent Music instructs each student how to make nice beatboxing effects using only the mouth. Going past the basic parts of beatbox tutorials, our trainers promises that each student will be well versed with the basic beatbox skills.

    Students will then learn how to jam and battle with the beatbox skills that they learn, and these are the activities that cultivate their love and passion for beat boxing.

    AMIS Instructors for beatbox are very difficult to find, but we can provide them! Contact Advent Music today for AMIS beatboxing lessons. We make beatboxing fun and enjoyable for anyone!

    *AMIS (Art and Music Instructor Scheme) is a scheme that allows your school to draw from a grant.

    Advent Music