Beatbox Music Class Teacher for Primary School

If you are an MOE teacher searching for engaging Beatboxing Lessons for your Primary School students, Contact Advent Music today!

We supply AMIS (Art and Music Instructor Scheme) Beatbox instructors, and continues to set a high level for Beatboxing classes in MOE Primary Schools.

Beatboxing Lessons for Primary Schools

  • Our Beatbox Trainers are MOE Registered Instructors
  • We have AMIS Beatboxing Trainers
  • NAC Tote Board Grant Approved – 50% subsidized!
  • Customisable lesson length –  anything from 1 Lesson to 12 Lessons.
  • The course length may be suited to your requirements, from half an hour to 3 Hours
  • Absolute novices are allowed into the class
  • Students will grasp how to create clean rhythms in an appropriate sequence
  • Impress your audience on a stage or in a personal setting with your friends
  • Students will hear stories, skills, and crucial values that are in line with the PAL and SEL themes
  • Purchasing of additional instruments are not needed, as the musical instrument is their vocals- It is hassle free!
  • You will not need to hire assistant Instructors!
  • An Optional Beatbox Assembly Performance – for your fellow instructors, and your students to see what vocal percussion is all about!


  • Students need to bring a pen and a paper/notebook.
  • None. Any body can take this course.

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    For your Primary School Pupils, Advent Music provides instructors who teaches your students how to utilise their lips, teeth, throat, and tongue to make different types of sounds and SFX, aka beatboxing. All that is required is their notebook and pens, and their open minds! Enjoy a Beatbox Course that is specially tailored to fit the desired length of your schedule, which is usually between 1 session to 12 sessions.

    Regardless of whether your students want to be the cool new beatboxer in his class, or just want to learn vocal percussion to add to his inventory of  conquered musical instruments, we will hone every student’s skill from the beginning, starting from a elementary level of beat box, and then moving onwards on to more powerful rhythms that is powerful. Each pupil will be able to perform it,  and no music background is needed.

    We break down the art and the science of beatboxing, with a syllabus created by Charles Stitch Wong, one of the top names in Singapore Beatboxing who has showcased for more than 100,000 audiences and taught more than 14000 students. This music syllabus is specially created to cater to pupils with no musical knowledge whatsover, and learners strong in music, at the same time. Every pupil finds out his furthest potential and no one gets left behind.

    Using healthy competition as a strong driving force throughout the span of the classes, we keep every student on the edge so that together, all will be able to achieve more as a cohesive team.

    We have taught students as young as P2 and as old as P6 when it comes to Singapore Primary Schools. For a full list of institutions taught at, performances, and happy clientele. click here.

    *AMIS stands for Art and Music Instructor Scheme, which lets Primary Schools benefit from funding from the MOE.

    Need a performance instead? Click here.

    Advent Music