Body Percussion for MOE Schools

Are you a school teacher/in-charge looking for an inspiring music percussion courses for your MOE School Students? Why not bring Advent Music’s MOE approved Body Percussion workshops to your school? We have AMIS qualified instructors to teach the lessons. Contact us today!

    Pupils will:

  • Create sounds with their own bodies.
  • Differentiate between low pitch sounds, high pitch sounds, and pulses
  • Be able to perform an impressive body percussion routine using their body
  • Learn fundamental rhythms
  • Learn about different kinds of grooves (Such as Pop, Rock, Rock & Roll)
  • Learn how to invent their own rhythms
  • Make use of important values like team-work, Diligence and Determination
  • Learn useful skills of Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self Management, Relationship Management, and Responsible Decision Making.

Although body percussion may not be as flashy as other rhythm percussion performances, it is still a very popular form of performance, due to its accessibility and low cost. The performances also tend to be more creatively arranged, sometimes also involving formations, dancing or acting. When carried out well, it can be a very rewarding and inspiring performance. It also encourages both the students and their audience to be creative!

Advent Music