Cold Cut Duo

theColdCutDuo, made up of two friends, was formed in October 2016.
The simple passion in music has brought us together with one mindset in mind:
To share our music to the world &
To use music to make the world a better place.
We commonly perform for corporate events, weddings and do regular gigs.
We are also street musicians that busk on the streets.

Our music is mainly acoustic with a pinch of beatbox to spice up the mood!
Being able to communicate and connect with our audiences is what we value most in our performances and we hope to create greater and better works in future!


Wilson Wong

Wilson Wong, an aspiring singer and Youtuber has a rich repertoire to himself. He uploads covers monthly and has built a fan base of his own! His personal music page has reached more than 300 likes and continues to grow day by day.

Wilson dances a dance style called “Popping” and is also a beatboxer for almost 10 years! He has been in the dance scene since 2011. Wilson has also worked with big names in the industry such as Shigga shay, Shawne Koh, Mavis Lee, Goh Ming Wei, and more, proving his standards in the music scene.


Gwendolyn Lee

Gwendolyn Lee has grown to love music at a very young age, picking up the Guzheng and Pipa since 7 and self-learned the guitar. Singing occured naturally to her with a family lled with music lovers.

Her music career escalated with her participation in Channel U’s Campus Superstar 2013, clinching the runner-up position. The opportunity has helped open many doors in the music industry and she has since performed at various corporate events, music bars and weddings.

Gwendolyn aims to go beyond just showcasing her musical talent. She wishes to put up entertaining performances of high artistic value to connect and bring people from all walks of life together.

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