Duet Acoustic Entertainment

If you are a Wedding Organiser, or a Event Company looking for an impressive duet performance that will impress your audience, Advent Music would love to get in touch with you.


  • Acoustic Live Duo
  • Soothing Voices
  • Hassle Free Experience – We can even curate the song list if necessary!
  • Need a Sound System too? We can provide services for that as well
  • Why pay for the cost of 4 or 5 musicians when a team of 2 can do the job
  • Non intrusive – Soothing Music and Vocals plays in the background while your crowd can socialize and converse
  • No Registration/Hidden fees!

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    Advent Music can provide for you a duet group that will make your event an enjoyable one.

    You already have Emcees, Games, and great food. What’s missing? An acoustic duet band that will play great songs to entertain your audience! If you would like to hire an acoustic performance, contact us and we will provide you with a pricelist based on the number of sets that you need. Pricing per set gets cheaper as you request for more sets.

    Acoustic Duet Songs

    Wondering what songs will be good for the acoustic duet band to play? Fret not. We can curate the songlist for you so that you will have a hassle free experience. If there are specific songs that you want, send it to us in advance and we will learn it (songs are subject to approval).

    Instruments for Acoustic Duet Band Performance

    Need a guitar, keyboardist, singer, or a beatboxer? Let us know your preference of the instrument set up, and we will gladly get back to you on the availability.

    Sing a song together with Acoustic Duet Band

    Perhaps it is your event or wedding, and you would like to come up to perform a song or 2 with us. Or maybe, you have been tasked to pair up a key member with the audience to perform with us. Let us know  (the song choice, arrangement, and scheduled appearance with us) in advance, and we will make it a reality! (songs are subject to approval)


    Acoustic Live Wedding Duet

    If you need a lively music act that your audience will be entertained by, Our acoustic live band will gladly give you a showcase of your favourite songs. Pairing up great vocalists with talented musicians, our acoustic bands add a touch of prestige and elegance to your event.

    This performance is great for Weddings.


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