Ethnic Percussion Class


If you are an educator or in-charge who is looking for Ethnic Percussion Trainers who can teach your pupils Discipline, unity, and teamwork through the art form of making music, Advent Music would love to get in touch with you. Contact us today!

Ethnic Percussion Lessons for Primary Schools

  • We have AMIS approved coaches!
  • Students will produce sounds with percussion instruments like Bian Gus, Kompangs, Dhols and many others.
  • Students will hear the difference between low pitch sounds, high pitch sounds, and pulses
  • Students will be able to perform an impressive percussion ensemble routine using the instruments
  • Students will learn the correct playing methods for each of the instruments
  • Students will learn about important values like Teamwork, Diligence and Perseverance
  • Students will learn the important skills of Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self Management, Relationship Management, and Responsible Decision Making.

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Introduce your students to different Ethnic Percussion instruments from different cultures of Singapore! In this PAL (Programme for Active Learning) course, we cover percussive instruments such as Bian Gu, Kompang, and Dhols from Chinese, Malay, and Indian origins. Apart from the many different types of instruments, basic beats and rhythms will be taught that are found in ethnic percussion.

If you would like an AMIS teacher to teach PAL ethnic percussion to your MOE school, contact us today!

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