Guitar Class for Secondary School

If you are an MOE Teacher / Subject In Charge / Coordinator looking for Guitar Lessons for your Secondary School, Advent Music would love to get in touch with you. Contact us here!

We are pleased to offer:

  • Guitar Classes for your Secondary School
  • We have AMIS Instructors (for MOE Schools only)
  • Guitars can be supplied but are subject to availability. (kindly contact Advent Music to make an enquiry)
  • No Music Knowledge / Theory Needed
  • Students can pick it up from scratch
  • Students will learn the Basic Chords with the left hand
  • Students will learn Strumming Rhythms with the right hand

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At Advent Music, we provide classes for your Secondary School students. The guitar is an powerful instrument to pick up, and is a definite crowd pleaser when a student is able to strum and sing to his group of peers.

There are many techniques to learn when playing a guitar, and dependent on the speed of each individual class, the class may learn  plucking, strumming, and choking.

This course is simple enough to enter at a novice level. This multi-lesson workshop will go through the basics of the guitar with the pupils.

We will also teach the students important core values of Creativity, innovation and teamwork.

This course will hone the guitar skills of all your pupils.

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