Guitar Class

Advent Music offers Guitar Classes to MOE Institutions, your company, or for your own private learning needs!

Guitar Classes

  • Customisable lesson length – 1 – 6 sessions (Sessions can be catered to 30 min or 1 hour class periods)
  • Basic Strumming Rhythms
  • Basic Plucking Rhythms
  • At least 4 different Chords
  • Song Performances if neccessary using these chords
  • Understand and learn how to create music tastefully
  • Learn important values like teamwork, diligence and confidence
  • Any Age can learn!


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Advent Music teaches pupils the artform of producing music using a guitar, their fingers, and their boundless creativity. Useful as a form of unwinding from the monotony of school work, Guitar Playing proves to be a timeless and valuable skill to acquire.

Chords, plucking styles, and strumming patterns are fused together in a melting pot of music, which students will use to play popular songs.

This the perfect Guitar class for beginners, or, if you prefer to have more detailed lessons, we are also able to cater to your intermediate needs.

Regardless of whether you are a kid or an adult, Advent Music will cater to your learning needs. It is never too young or too old to try

Whether it is acoustic or classical, the basic skills and the playing disciplines are very similar. In our guitar learning classes, we make ensure that you are able to play each notes comfortably and fluently. Technique takes time to hone, the first 2 weeks being the toughest, but after that, you will find that the learning curve suddenly becomes less much easier.

We will coach you and teach you the songs that you need to learn. Contact us for more information today!


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