Guitar Music

Advent Music provides Guitar Classes to MOE Schools.

MOE Schools Guitar Workshops

  • AMIS Approved Instructor
  • 8 LEssons (Sessions can be catered to 30 min or 1 hour class periods)
  • Basic Strumming Patterns
  • Basic Plucking Patterns
  • Learn at least 4 different Chords
  • Song Performance using these chords
  • Understand and grasp how to create music tastefully
  • Inculcate important values like teamwork, diligence and confidence
  • Guitars must be supplied by the School
  • Suitable Age: Primary 4 to Primary 6

Advent Music teaches students the art of producing music using a guitar, their fingers, and their boundless creativity. Useful as a form of destressing from the boredom of school work, Guitar Playing proves to be a timeless and valuable skill to acquire.

Chords, plucking patterns, and strumming rhythms are fused together in a melting pot of music, which students will use to perform popular songs.

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For MOE Schools, Schools will be able to use the on the AMIS Fund for a guitar course. We are able to send down AMIS Instructors to conduct your guitar courses. Ranging from the basics of naming the 6 strings (EADGBE), all the way down to strumming and plucking patterns that can match popular guitar songs, Advent Music will teach you how it is done, from scratch, and gradually build up the syllabus at a speed and pace that you are fine with.

Whether your pupils are beginners or intermediates, there is something for everyone. Contact us today!


Advent Music