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If you are an MOE Teacher / Music In Charge who would like to teach digital ipad music to your students, Advent Music would like to get in touch with you. Contact us today!

  • We have AMIS (Art and Music Instructors Scheme) Instructors
  • Students will be proficient in making digital music using the iPad
  • Students learn how to distinguish between drum sounds, melodies and basslines
  • Students will learn how to utilise that knowledge to form music
  • Students would have composed a tasteful piece of music using Apple Loops and Smart Instruments

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Music Making doesn’t get any easier than this. With its very user friendly interface, Apple iPad’s Garageband allows you to form your own music creations like a expert.

While we encourage students to bring their own ear pieces, we also provide earpieces in our Garageband Workshops so that each student can focus on his beats. depending on your preference, we could have individual work on the ipad, or pair work.

With more than a thousand loops from Apple with all the different genres like EDM, Indie, and Hiphop, Students will be able to put together impressive sounding beats. with a personal touch by using smart instruments.

Add amazing drum beats with kicks, snares, hi hats, and cymbals. Create an impressive bassline with smart bass. and if your students have the aptitude, they will be authorized to progress on to the next level, melody composition!

Learning how to record, mix and master your musical piece could not get easier.

Create powerful music – at your finger tips. Contact us today!

Advent Music
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