MOE Piano Course

Learn keyboard with Advent Music!

If you are a Primary School MOE Teacher / Music In Charge who wants to teach keyboard to your MOE school pupils, Advent Music would like to get in touch with you. Contact us today!

  • We have AMIS (Art and Music Instructors Scheme) course instructors
  • We have MOE Registered Instructors
  • Classes are fun and engaging!
  • Well arranged piano programme meant for newbies


Students will:

  • Learn the art of using the keyboard to make music
  • Understand the importance of each instrument
  • Learn the solfege together with Curwen handsigns
  • Learn how to read fundamental music notation
  • Understand how the melody stands out from the rest of the music
  • Be able to generate a basic tune with 1 hand
  • Be able perform a basic piece of music with each instrument
  • Learn how to merge the different instruments together
  • Learn about important values like Teamwork, Focus and Willpower
  • Learn the important skills of Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self Management, Relationship Management, and Responsible Decision Making.

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Advent Music will provide experienced Singapore MOE keyboard teachers for your school to teach basic keyboard lessons for beginners. Bring keyboard playing lessons to your MOE school today by contacting us!

Learning an instrument can be a very beneficial experience especially for children. Beyond music making, it can also teach them useful life skills such as patience and perseverance. Keyboard lessons for kids are great; the skills and knowledge involved in learning it will build a great foundation towards learning other instruments as well as more in-depth music theory in the future. The keyboard is also a very visual and textual instrument and can be easily understood. MOE school students will be able to play a simple song in no time!


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