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Are you looking for Music Teachers who will engage fun workshops for your MOE School, your Company, or for your own personal music classes? Kindly contact us here. We will supply music teachers who will make your classes fun and exciting. We supply music workshops for all, including but not limited to,

  • MOE Schools
  • Your Company
  • Private Music Classes

Kindly Contact us here if you would like to learn more about our music lessons!

We are pleased to offer the following music lessons:

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    We will deliver music classes that will match your specific needs.

    Classes for All!

    Whether you are learning from scratch, or a educator looking for a fun and interactive workshops for your students, or even  a company looking for a fun music activity that will bring you and your team together, we promise to give you a course you will enjoy. We will travel down to your location (your school, house, or your office room), and bring our music workshops straight to you! While we are able to suggest suitable workshop lengths / durations, we are also open to customisation if you need your workshops to be of a certain / specific length.

    Instruments Can Be Provided

    Depending on the instrument availability, we are usually able to carry down the required instruments for you and your group if required, so do check with us if we are able to supply the instruments that you require. (We have supplied Ukuleles to Deloitte, STOMP Equipment to Minds, and Guitars to Townsville Primary School, so don’t hesitate to ask us.)

    Happy and Satisfied Clientele

    We make this engaging and exciting for all ages, and will match your specific needs, so do contact us to find out more. We have much experience, and our previous clients are very satisfied,  do feel free to read their testimonials here.

    Advent Music