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If you are an MOE Teacher / Educator looking for Beatbox, Singing, Guitar and many other exciting and inspiring music courses with promising results, Advent Music offers those courses that are NAC approved and eligible for the Tote Board Grant! Please contact us today!

  • NAC Approved Music & Dance Courses (Qualified for NAC tote board grant of 50%)
  • NAC Beatbox
  • NAC Singing
  • NAC Hip Hop
  • We also have AMIS Teachers!
  • Hot & trendy for the students
  • Pupils challenge their creative minds and grow new skills
  • Important life lessons such as teamwork and discipline are also incorporated into the classes
  • Complete Novices may take part: No need for any musical background or theory
  • Customisable number of lessons – 4 lessons to 12 lessons

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    Combining solid theoretical foundation and enriching hands on participation that helps each student discover new limits, Advent Music provides a conducive learning environment for all pupils to achieve their fullest potential. Bring NAC Approved Music lessons to your school, and Contact Advent Music today!

    If you are looking for a performance act instead, click here.

    If you want to draw from the AMIS fund to pay for courses instead, click here. 

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