NAC Funded Vocal Classes

If you are an MOE Educator / Teacher / In-Charge searching for an NAC Approved Vocal class for your pupils, Advent Music would love to contact you. Contact us here!

  • Singing Classes made interactive, fun and easy!
  • Customisable lesson length – How long do you need your lesson to be?
  • Basics of how to sing are taught
  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Values of control and hardwork is taught to each student
  • Absolute Beginners may join! No need for any prior experience
  • Your Students will develop self esteem and confidence!

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    Singing is a form of creative expression, involving nothing but speech being extended and stylized to clothe itself in the auditory equivalent of the singer’s emotions. At Advent Music, we ensure that students will learn and understand the proper techniques of singing such as differences between Falsetto and Real Voice, vocal projection, as well as proper diction. Discover the Art of Singing now. Please contact us should you require more information.

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