Our Performers

Charles "Stitch FM" Wong

Stitch clinched 4th placing in Singapore Idol 3 and opened for Kanye West and the All American Rejects. He has performed for more than 100,000 audiences and taught more than 12,000 students music in his career.


Ferlyn is able to Sing and Emcee in both English and Chinese, and select her songs to match the mood of your event. Being very versatile, she is also able to handle Hokkien, Korean, Thai, and Cantonese songs and keep crowds of all ages entertained.


If you need a skillful team of Magicians for your event, be it for Roving Magic or Stage Magic, we will be able to provide dedicated magicians for your wedding, dinner and dance, or event. Be prepared to be entertained, charmed, and wowed by them!


An acoustic band with soothing vocals and energetic beatboxing, complemented by the sounds of a guitar, AnchorBlanc combines Ferlyn’s soothing tone and soaring vocals with Stitch’s high energy beatboxing, to bring you your favourite bilingual hits.


A versatile singer, Regine’s performances ranges from jazz numbers, current top 40s (both in English and Chinese), to even themed events (oldies, rock etc). Regine is friendly and is well sought after for her ability to interact with the audience.


Ernest is a versatile guitarist able to play multiple kinds of styles on the guitar. His level of skill has lead him to collaborate and perform with artistes such as Li Fei Hui , Jiu Jian ,Bryan Wong, Kym Ng, Royston Tan and Kelly Poon.

Joy Chen

Joy has been drumming for 12 years, with an extensive setlist and a strong portfolio. She was the drummer of local indie band 兔子, winner of Superband II in 2008 and performed at various events such as Taiwan’s Spring Scream Festival, Marina Bay Countdown and many more.


A graduate of the Musician's Institute in Hollywood California, Justin has been a guitar performer and instructor for more than 10 years. Always pairing up with different musicians, Justin is very versatile and can match the style required for your event.


Arya has a soothing and powerful voice that is a great addition to your wedding or your event. Winning multiple competitions, this heartmelting crooner is not only able to to deliver your favourite english hits, but also able to sing in Bahasa.


Jade, an avid singer-songwriter and an A Cappella enthusiast, has performed at prestigious places like the Esplanade, the Asia A Cappella Festival 2012 (Hong Kong) and the Gwangju Vocal Asia Festival 2014 (South Korea), multiple weddings, and events.


Agnes is no stranger to the stage and can deliver your favourite songs with skill and finesse. A top finalist in Campus Superstar, she has been singing in various gigs after the end of the competition and is now a lead vocalist at various joints, venues, and events.


David's expertise in teaching and performing has lead him to play for numerous significant dignitaries. His style of playing is often described by fellow musicians as "percussive", "one-man band", and encompasses a wide range of musical influences.

String Ensemble

Hire a String Ensemble for your Wedding, Corporate Function, or Product Launch to add a sparkle of prestige to your event. The Music is soft and soothing, making it suitable for networking, and is the definitive pairing to classiness and refinement.

Traditional Chinese Instrument Ensemble

Whether as a classy solo, or a grand 4 piece ensemble, the Chinese Instrument Band is a great addition to your event if you wish to add an oriental touch to your event.

The Morning Show Band

The Morning Show Band is an energetic, unique and fun band that is made up of a vocalist (Regine),a beatboxer (Stitch FM) and a guitarist (Ernest), bringing you great fun and great music.


theColdCutDuo, made up of two friends, was formed in October 2016. The simple passion in music has brought them together with one mindset in mind: To share their music to the world & to use music to make the world a better place. They commonly perform for corporate events, weddings and do regular gigs.

Chinese Calligraphy

If you have guests that love Chinese Culture, Chinese Calligraphy is a great addition to your event. Your guests will be able to bring home a souvenir of their very own name!

Music Classes.

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Music Classes.

We are committed to providing quality lessons in music. We have a range of AMIS instructors, Corporate Workshops and Private Classes. We also cater to MOE Schools.

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