PAL Programme Singapore

If you are an MOE Teacher, educator, or an in charge looking for engaging and enriching PAL programmes that your lower primary students will enjoy, contact us today!


  • Fun and Enriching Programme
  • We have AMIS instructors if required
  • Students will experience in the course problem solving skills, and learn that there is safety and freedom in expressing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

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Programme for Active Learning

PAL, or Programme for Active Learning is an exciting and unique implementation of the Social and emotional learning .

While there are visual arts, performing arts, outdoor education, and sports and games, we specialize in performing arts. Students will learn how to express their feelings in a healthy way, reflect on their actions, thoughts and results, and experience a world of holistic fun. Hands-on activities are vehicles that will teach the students how to have improved interactions with their peers.


Social and Emotional Learning

Students in their lower primary are at an emotionally vunerable state – they are vocal, they voice out their thoughts without hesitation, they cry easily, and resolve conflicts with their friends almost as quickly as they start a squabble.


It is crucial that at this age, they are exposed to programmes that will help them in their emotional development, to explore their feelings, and to come face to face with their emotions rather than suppressing them. Students will be put into situations where curiousity, confidence, and cooperation is crucial in getting the tasks or challenges completed. When disagreements happen, we embrace it and use it as opportunities to teach students life lessons of cooperation, conflict management, and leadership.


Fun Activities

Whether the Children are learning about animal sounds and actions, to practicing reading a passage out loud, we ensure that the students have fun throughout the lesson. We implement actions and participations so that the students will stay mentally focused throughout the duration of the lesson, as we know that lower primary students will have trouble sitting still for long periods of time. There will be singing, actions, and plenty of opportunities to fulfill the real purpose of PAL – to teach them with real experiences how to express themselves and manage conflict.

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