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If you are MOE teacher / Subject head / Coordinator looking for STOMP lessons for your students, Advent Music would like to get in touch with you.

We provide –

  • AMIS instructors
  • STOMP lessons for your MOE Primary School pupils
  • STOMP equipment are subject to availability, kindly contact Advent Music for an enquiry.

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Advent Music provide professional music instructors that had obtained the Art and Music Instructors Scheme (AMIS) certification to infuse quality skills into the students that both the students and teachers will be pleased with.

STOMP Percussion (Recycled Percussion) or drumming, is that art of using recycled materials, everyday objects, and items around you, to create rhythms, beats and sounds.

It is a powerful expression of turning Trash into Treasure, sending the students the more important message that everybody can excel and make a significant impact.

Using pails, trashbins ( dustbins ), pans, chopsticks, pails, bells, and whistles, students create impressive rhythms, where they will be reminded about values such as Teamwork, innovation, and other important core values.

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