Renting Sound Equipment for Wedding Singapore

Stereo System Rental

Are you a wedding planner or Bride/Groom looking for great sound system that will not only make your Wedding a success but also impactful? We would love to get in contact with you.

Sound System Rental Singapore

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    Equipment (let us know what you will need from this list):

    • 1 D.I. Box
    • Necessary Cables
    • 1 Mixer
    • Up to 2 front of house speakers
    • 2 SM 58 Wired Mics
    • 2 Mic Stands
    • 2 Music Stands

    Our Sound System is perfect for:

    Our Obligation is to:

    • Pay attention to every single detail.
    • Flawlessly carry out our duty to you.
    • Be transparent about our prices.
    • Be quick and deliver the right sound system to you.
    • Go over and above your expectations i.e. get you the best gear and crew.

    We know that your Wedding is one of the most important events in your life. Allow us to help you make it a memorable one by taking care of your sound system!

    We are aware that the key to great and amazing sound is exceptional gear. With the best and highest quality rental supply, we offer a wide variety of sound equipment for your wedding, regardless of the location. With our love for great and quality service, positive attitude, and focused team, we happily provide answers to all your needs by being there from the beginning till the end of your event (from the setup to the event’s completion).

    We also offer services including equipment delivery, setting up, an engineer who is there throughout the event to ensure everything runs smoothly and tearing down the system. You can rely on us to get the best, affordable, well taken care of equipment for all of your needs!

    For a meeting or event to be successful, the right sound/clear audio is very key. Speakers need to be heard clearly, and all this rotates around good and powerful sound system. Audio plays a significant role in events, which is why we will assist you in choosing the right system.

    Sound System Delivery and Pickup

    We proudly deliver the sound system to your Wedding/ROM event site on time and pick it up after. We realized that our customers need more aid with their events than just supplying the sound equipment. Delivery and pickup services are smoothly organized to make it simpler on the client.

    Set Up & Tearing Down Prices
    Need assistance in setting up the gear? You don’t have enough time to set the gear up before your event begins? We understand that sound systems are confusing and setting them up is time consuming therefore we got you covered on that area. Our prices on these services depend on venue, working hours and type of gear rented.

    What our Customer Gets
    Equipment renting does not have to be a bother. We are committed to premier fuss-free client service, providing top notch and quality gear, faster rental process and top equipment brands. When you agree to have us do the delivery, our professional and fast sound engineers will set up the system, and be there throughout the event to make sure that the sound system operates smoothly and to check that produced sound is clear. This will enable your audience and you to have a memorable experience.

    Depending on our client’s needs, we also bring the following to the venue; 2 music stands, up to 2 front of house speakers, 2 mic stands, 2 sm 58 wired mics, 1 DI box, playlist curation, the necessary cables and a mixer.

    Our priority is ensuring that our clients get the best service. A smooth and efficient setup from our experienced staff guarantees the best outcome and a success to your Wedding. We ensure you get the perfect gear that accommodates your event and at a cost that meets your spending budget. No matter the size of your event (big and grand or small but cosy), our skilled team produces each event with topmost energy, originality and persistence to provide the customers the most special and exclusive experience.

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