Solo Acoustic Acts Singapore

If you are planning for a Wedding, or, are an event organiser who wants to hire a great and affordable solo acoustic act for your event, Contact Advent Music today!

  • Live, Acoustic Music
  • Singer Guitarist – Enjoyable Music
  • Affordable Solo Singer – Good Alternative to a big band of 4 or 5
  • Soothing Vocals and Instruments that will not get in the way of your crowd mingling
  • No Registration/Hidden fees!

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    Advent music can provide a solo performer that will accompany your event with comfortable and enjoyable music. Whether your event is a wedding, or a corporate dinner and dance, a non-intrusive soloist playing soothing tunes on the side is the perfect compliment to your event. The Audience will be aware that he is there as he will sing hits that they can relate to, but yet the soloist voice will not be so loud and jarring that it disrupts attempts at communication among your guests.

    Events that suit a Solo Acoustic Performance

    If you want to hire a solo acoustic guitar performer, events like weddings and corporate dinner and dances are a good option to choose. Basically, any event that you want to add a touch of class to by having a well dressed soloist serenade tunes on the sideline, will be suitable.

    Acoustic Sing and Play

    The soloist will sing and play at the same. Why hire 2 performers when one person can deliver the atmosphere that you want? The soloist will play tunes that the crowd can identify and enjoy.

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