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Ukulele Classes in a Studio or straight to your home.

Perhaps you are a parent, or just a music lover looking for Ukulele Classes. Advent Music provides you enjoyable ukulele classes!

We are pleased to offer:

  • Ukulele Classes at your own speed catered to your own needs.
  • Students as young as Primary 3 will be able to pick up the ukulele.
  • Lessons can be conducted at either a music studio or at your home.

At Advent Music, we provide lessons for you, in a private class setting where classes are held either in a music studio or in your own home.

We will be teaching the various ways to play a ukulele – strumming, plucking, and choking, depending your own personal individual speed.

This course will familiarise you with the ukulele, and help to bring your playing to the next level.

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