Ukulele Teacher for Seniors

Are you looking for a fun Ukulele Course for seniors? The course is full of familiar tunes from the 60s/70s! Ukulele is really easy and fun to pick up. We would love to get in touch with you. Contact us here!

We provide:

    • Ukulele Classes for elderd
    • Customisable length – How long do you need the class to be?
    • Fun workshop – Very uncomplicated to learn
    • Play a song within 1st class!
    • We have ukuleles for rent
    • We also have ukuleles available for sale!

(at a special price if you sign up*)

  • Lyrics and notes are included
  • No prior knowledge needed
  • No music background / music theory needed
  • Great for refining and sustaining motor skills
  • Left hand will play basic chords
  • Right hand will learn strumming patterns

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Want to pick up a new skill? If you are looking for a new hobby or organising a fun activity for you and your family/friends, learning the ukulele would be something rewarding and exciting for many people!

The ukulele, or the uke, is a 4 stringed instrument that just about anyone can pick up. In fact, 2 of the chords that you will learn (C and Am) only require holding down one finger to play! It doesn’t get any easier than this. Ukulele is a very charming and portable instrument that will make any gathering a memorable one.

This course will familiarise you with the instrument, and bring your playing to the next level.

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