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We provide a beat box lesson that is targeted at anyone who has an interest and passion to learn the skill of using your mouth to make drum sounds. Taught by a VP Coach, Vocal Percussion lessons teaches useful skills to perform as a soloist, and also serves as a great accompaniment if you have an acapella group. We teach beatbox group and individual classes as well.

Maybe you are a student who wants to do this skill professionally, or just a hobbyist, or if you are a parent who wants your kids to play around with novel of expressing your creativity?  If you are, do Contact us to find out more!

We have Lessons for

  • MOE Schools
  • Companies, or
  • Personal Private Lessons

Maybe you are a novice picking up this art form, or a beat boxer who needs to add more sound effects to improve your inventory so that you can be ready for performances, we provide music classes that will take your VP (Vocal Percussion) skills to the next level!

  • Interactive music classes for individual or group
  • Our workshops will go at each person’s pace, even in group sessions
  • You will be able to piece together a short performance at the end of the course
  • Depending on your required length of sessions, students may get to jam and battle!
  • Take your beat boxing skills to the next level today!

We have both teaching and performing experience, and we will provide as many tips and pointers as we can, so that you will be able to apply them in a practical performance / battle situations. Its time to let loose the true beatboxer in you – using only your mouth!

  • Solo Classes or
  • Group Classes

are both available.

If you are a MOE teacher who wants to introduce something fun to your music classes or a company who is planning a fun and casual activity to break away from the monotony of desk work, or perhaps you are a serious beatboxer who really needs and wants to push your rhythms and sound effects to the next tier, we are just an email away.

Learn at a suitable pace for your individual self with individual classes, or enjoy the adrenalin and excitement of group classes as you pit your skills against your friends with fun competition. We have a special way of teaching where we let you decide where and when they wish to learn, and these issues can always be negotiated.

The speed of picking up the skill can be fully catered to your own learning ability and skill. This helps students with no prior knowledge, and also pupils who already has pre-knowledge of it. We have created three unique levels of learning suited to your level of skill –  basic, intermediate and advanced.

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