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Advent Music has a Corporate Music Workshop like no other: Beatboxing! Whether you just want some lunchtime entertainment, or you are preparing your Staff or your Committee Members for a quick Dinner and Dance performance, Advent Music would like to get in touch with you. Contact us today!

  • Experienced Beatbox Instructor
  • Highly trendy Art Form
  • No music theory / background required
  • Absolute newcomers may join
  • No hassle of renting/ purchasing instruments – everything is all from the mouth
  • Customisable Length – How long do you need this workshop to be?


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Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion that produces many cool sound effects, rhythms, and noises, using only the mouth. Anything is permissasble, from the basic Bass drum, hi hat, and Keh snare, to more impressive sound effects like turntables and beating and speaking words at the same time. Often known as the 5th element of Hip Hop. Beatboxing is an fascinating art form that is trendy, and your staff will have tonnes of fun and laughter in acquiring a new skill.

Charles Stitch Wong, the originator of the syllabus, has coached more than 14000 students before. Teaching the students beats, rhythms, and sound effects, we will teach you how to create cool beatboxing rhythms using only the mouth.

Organizations like AON and UBS has had great enjoyment taking part in the beatboxing workshop. Do give us a try, and contact us!

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