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  • Singapore’s First 2 Piece Beatboxing, Singing, and Guitar Band
  • Match the mood of your event – The beatboxing can sound as mild as a cajon or as intense as a rock drum kit
  • Ferlyn’s versatile vocals can belt powerful hits or soothing jazz numbers
  • Choose the genres of music that you want
  • Option for Emceeing, Sound System, and Cocktail performances available!
  • Available to perform Internationally
  • Able to do Chinese and English songs, with some Korean, Hokkien, Cantonese, and Thai!


AnchorBlanc is an acoustic live band duo with soothing vocals and energetic beatboxing, paired with the sounds of a guitar. Professionals in the music scene, AnchorBlanc combines Ferlyn’s style of smooth tone and soaring vocals, with Stitch’s high energy beatboxing, to create powerful renditions of your favourite bilingual Top 40 hits. A fantastic cover duo that will impress your audiences at corporate conferences, wedding receiptions, cocktails, and gala dinners, AnchorBlanc is your number one choice to impress your valued guests. What’s best of all is that their prices are a steal for quality entertainment.

Choose from their packages, varying in band size and number of sets. If your event requires a relaxed and intimate 1 piece band, a duo that is just nice, or a grander trio, AnchorBlanc is able to customise to meet your event’s needs,adding a classy and elegant touch to your occasion, whatever it may be.

There are so many live music bands, and singers and musicians to hire. so whats sets Anchorblanc apart for your wedding or for your corporate event or your gala dinner? Charles and Ferlyn marries both passion and technique to bring and impressive set that does not alienate and yet does not lack in skill. 

AnchorBlanc – Charles and Ferlyn

Reasons why you should hire AnchorBlanc? We could name off a few. Whether you are throwing a big banquet style dinner or a hipster style outdoor event, AnchorBlanc has a broad repetoire of music genres, that includes top 40s, Jazz Standards, Ballads, or upbeat pop hits.


Being a versatile performer, Ferlyn has sung and emceed for countless wedding celebrations, corporate functions, and large scale events.. She emerged as one of the finalists of SAFRA’s The Ultimate Voice 2017. She is able to serenade her audiences with her soothing yet powerful vocals in numerous languages, including English, mandarin, Korean, Japanese and dialects. Her voice, which is the right balance of power and tone, makes you feel right at home when she sings your favourite tunes

Stitch, better known as “Stitch FM”, burst into the scene by getting 4th placing in the reality singing competition, Singapore Idol 3 2009. Having opened for Kanye West and the All American Rejects, Charles is experienced in the performing scene, having performed for a total of more than 100,000 audiences in his career and taught more than 12,000 students guitar, singing, and beatboxing. He is known for his unique rendition of songs with the guitar, high energy beatbox routines and his emotive style of singing. Charles also performs frequently at Pubs, Dinner and Dances, and Weddings. He is a one man swiss army knife. He controls 2 instruments at once when he plays the guitar and beatboxers at the same time, giving the illusion of a full acoustic band, complete with percussion. 

Starting off as solo musicians paired with a plethora of bands for almost a decade, their sheer love of music brought them together to take music to a higher level. Their chill and warm natures formed them a chemistry that is nearly telepathic. Performing a big gamut of music genres, this duo can sing literally anything you can think of, bossa nova, jazz, top 40s, and even Cantonese, Thai, Korean, and Hokkien.

Charles and Ferlyn has found themselves busy performing all across Singapore and also playing the roles of songwriters, emcees, and composers as well. All this while striving to maintain their status as one of the most unique and top notch entertainment acts in Singapore. Besides playing at regular night gigs and accumulating years of experience at night bar gigs, they have established their presence and experience doing corporate acts, gala dinners, and carnivals, working with Ministry of Manpower, One Farrer Hotel and Spa, National Gallery of Singapore, many esteemed event companies, and of course, countless weddings. 

Acoustic Live Band for Events

As AnchorBlanc is a versatile band, This acoustic duo is able to perform their songs in both English and Chinese, making them a hot favourite for a multiracial audience. Charles Stitch Wong and Ferlyn is able to handle a variety of different events, like Corporate Events, Carnivals, Dinner and Dances, and Weddings. Whether you want to add a classy touch to your wedding event, or that elegant feel to your cocktail reception,  Charles and Ferlyn is able to match the mood of your event. It doesn’t matter whether you require soft, non intrusive background music that will allow your guests to mingle and network, or energetic music that will bring up the mood of the crowd. we have the right tools for any job – Ferlyn’s versatile vocals that can either belt powerful energetic tunes or her soothing voice, and Charles who can strum and pluck acoustic versions of your favourite songs, or spice things all the way up with beatboxing and guitar at the same time. 

Walk your way down the aisle with a touching tune performed by Charles and Ferlyn. Open up the floor to song requests and dedications as this duo is able to handle a huge variety of songs.

AnchorBlanc, as with all live bands in Advent Music, includes an option for renting a dedicated sound system to take away your burden of having to source and search for a good speaker system system. Advent Music is your one stop shop – we have it all here!

They are an incredible duo that promises a high-octane, energetic gathering, complete with your favourite top 40s, Evergreen Classics, and all time crowd pleasers, from all generations, from the Bee Gees all the way to Charlie Puth. They boast a wide spectrum of songs for any age, any genre, and any mood. If you wish to hire them to set your crowd in a sentimental mood, or in an energetic feel, contact Advent Music and our entertainment experts will get in touch with you shortly.

For audiophiles with a sharp ear and people who love music, finding a perfect event band is just as important as nailing down the best photographer, venue, or sound system for your esteemed event. its more than just picking an appropriate playlist, or choosing the cheapest live entertainment you can find, because the right live band creates and sets the mood in the right direction for your celebration. 

Acoustic Live Duo For Weddings

AnchorBlanc is also an impressive specialist for weddings. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer sentimental oldies, or high energy RnB songs, or popular Top 40s to get your crowd going, AnchorBlanc is  no novice to wedding performances and is able to handle all. Go with the budget package of 2 sets of 45 minutes, or shell out a bit more for the hassle free solution to a 2 piece band for 2 sets, along with emceeing and 2 professional speaker systems. We will sweat so that you don’t have to worry over these things. The singers will be doubling up as emcees, and there is even a bilingual or duo emcee option available. 

Your experience is customisable according to your preferred style of music and ambience that you wish to portray based on the emceeing style and song styles.

Get into a romantic mood with acoustic live music from AnchorBlanc. This duo performs renditions of Jazz hits, acoustic favourites, evergreen classics, and Top 40s pop covers to the likes of The Beatles all the way to current popular bands like Ed Sheeran and Coldplay, and Bruno Mars.

Can’t decide? You can choose an optional add on of a 30 minutes cocktail performance as well as request for the type of music genre that you require to build the sound that you desire. We are easily adaptable to complement your dream wedding theme.

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