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Private Music Classes Singapore

Sometimes, you may find yourself going around in circles. The internet has an enormous amount of information, and as beginners approaching a subject, it can feel overwhelming when you don’t know which way to go. Where do you even start? Try this for example; just type in “Learn Guitar” into the Youtube Search Bar. Scrolling down to the very bottom of that list suddenly seems impossible.

Personally for me, I prefer to go straight to finding a teacher than to wade through mountains and mountains of unfiltered, unorganised information. Youtube lessons are “free” because they come at a cost – and that cost is your time spent in organising it and figuring it out. As a teacher myself, I’ve walked through that already, and its gruelling. To put the information together in a tiered, scaffolded way, getting it demonstrable, and getting it teachable, so that my students won’t have figure out the random pieces of information on their own. We’ll do the work so that you won’t have to. 

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