Beatbox Class

Advent Music provides the first AMIS Certified (Art and Music Instructors Scheme) beatbox instructor in Singapore. Spending 8 years of experience with hundreds of shows performed and a backing of solid music theory, we have synthesized a powerful music syllabus that is specially designed to aid students to easily read beats, even without prior musical knowledge.

Along with that, beatboxing will also be used to impart important life skills like increasing their learning speed, using muscle memory to their advantage, perseverance, distressing, teamwork, and the importance of boundaries.

We are offering Beatbox Classes for MOE schools, Corporate Workshops, and Private Classes. Contact Advent Music for more information today!


MOE Schools Beatbox Workshops

  • AMIS Approved Instructor
  • 8 Lesson Course ( can cater to both 30 minutes and 1 hour periods)
  • Sound Effects
  • Beat Creation
  • Freestyling
  • Fosters values of Courage, Teamwork, and Diligence
  • Preparation for a Final Performance can be included.
  • Suitable Age: Primary 2 to Tertiary Education
  • Available in Level I (Easy) and level II (Intermediate)


Corporate Workshops

We aim to cut through all departments and build a stronger sense of camaraderie for its client companies.

  • 1-2 sessions of 1 hour each
  • Basic Sound Effects
  • Beat Creation
  • Freestyling
  • Unique, Fun, and Challenging Artform
  • Fosters Team Spirit, Sportsmanship, and Friendship
  • Includes Handouts and Individual Progress Grading
  • Preparation for a Final Performance can be included.
  • Suitable Age: Any Age


Private Classes

Hire Charles Wong for Private Classes Today.

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  • Available in Open Classes
  • Available in Courses Lvl I (Easy), Lvl II (Intermediate), and Lvl III (Advanced)
  • Classes cater to the individual speed of each student
  • Location open to discussion


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