Charles “Stitch” Wong – Profile


Charles, better known as Charles “Stitch” Wong, burst into the scene by clinching 4th place in the reality singing competition, Singapore Idol 3 2009, with a unique mix of singing, guitar, and beat box.

He is known for his unique rendition of songs with the Guitar, High Energy Beatbox routines and his emotive style of Singing.

Charles started beatboxing because he did not have enough money to buy a drum set, and even if he did, he did not have enough space in his house to put a drum set. His passion to do sounds with his mouth grew from there, and he now boasts a strong portfolio of performing and teaching experiences.

Hire him to perform at your event today. His beats will blow you away, and it sounds like hitting “play” on a music player. He can also add a loop pedal performance to your event Contact him today!


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