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Posted by The Morning Show Band on Friday, 30 September 2016

If you are planning for a Wedding, or, are an event organiser who wants to hire an acoustic show for your event, Contact Advent Music today!

  • Live, Acoustic Music
  • Adds a touch of class to your event
  • Soothing Vocals and Instruments that will not get in the way of your crowd mingling
  • No Registration/Hidden fees!

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How to select an Acoustic Band

Whether you are looking for a guitarist, keyboardist, singer or beatboxer in your band, it is important to note whether you are looking for a band to be a main act or a side performance.

If it is a main act, it is important for the performance to be short and impactful. It has to stir some kind of emotional response in your audience, like joy or feeling touched. Such acts take place on the main stage, and must not last for too long or it will get draggy.

If it is a side act, the performers will be able to perform for longer spans as they will be in the background. It is important to choose a group that has soothing vocals, and music that is not jarring. No matter how good a band is, if they are meant to be a side act, they should not perform too loudly at the expense of your audience’s ability to network and mingle.

Options of Acoustic Bands – Solo, Duet, or Trios

You will have the option of choosing between having a classy and affordable solo act, a medium sized duet, or a packed trio that will entertain your crowd. We will cater to your budget and offer you what you need.

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