Hire Pipa 琵琶 Performance Singapore

If you are an event organiser/planner, or the person in your company in charge of planning the entertainment and flow of your event, we would love to get in touch with you if you are sourcing for a Pipa 琵琶 performance. Feel free to contact us on the side of this page!

    • Pipa Performance for your event
    • You may have it as a solo or as a ensemble
    • Suitable for various kind of events, especially networking style events

Suitable Events for a Pipa Performance

  • Dinner and Dance
  • Birthdays
  • Indoor events
  • Other Events
  • Product Launches
  • Theatre

Pipa, also known as the Chinese Lute, is a versatile and energetic instrument that can match the above event settings and venues. Our Team of versatile performers can handle a more traditional set, or a set that involves fusion with the more contemporary genres and styles of music. Let us know what are the moods and themes of your event and we will try to match it. 

Types of Pipa Performances

  • Solo Pipa Performance
  • Pairing up with other Chinese Ensemble players (like the dizi, guzheng, yangqin, or er hu) to form a mini chinese orchestra!

This 4 stringed pear shaped instrument, being one of the most technically comprehensive instruments in the chinese ensemble, has a large range of tonal colour and hence be paired with its other traditional counterparts to achieve the desired mood and type of music required for your event. Just inform us of your preferred mood, genre, and size of event and we will be able to recommend you the appropriate number of musicians and type of musicians required to pair up with the Pipa. This is a grand and versatile instrument with a dynamic range that is able to pair with other instruments, and chinese music enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the beautiful sound of the steel strings being played with finesse.




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