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(Ferlyn is the female singer in this video)



 Hire Ferlyn for Your Event!


    • Lots of Experience – Performs for Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Dinner and Dances, Gala Dinners and Regulars
    • Able to sing in English and Chinese, and has Hokkien, Cantonese, Thai Songs in her repetoire too
  • Versatile and able to perform with Duo, Trio, or Quartet
  • Able to sing Pop Jazz, Mando, Evergreens, English, and Top 40s to set the desired mood for your event
  • A bubbly and energetic Emcee that can Emcee in both English and Chinese
  • Her services also come with an option for a sound system if your venue does not provide it
  • Affordable rates for top notch entertainment
  • Based in Singapore and available for events internationally


Portfolio – Ferlyn

Being a versatile performer, Ferlyn has sung and emceed for many wedding celebrations, corporation functions and events. She emerged as one of the finalists of SAFRA’s The Ultimate Voice 2017. She is able to serenade her audiences at top venues in singapore with her soothing and powerful vocals in different languages, including English, mandarin, Korean, Japanese and dialects. No stranger to the performing scene, she has performed for prestigious venues like 5 and 6 star hotels. With stunning reviews on her duet page , Ferlyn is a female singer that never fails to bring you the voice and music that you desire at your event. She has entertained guests from prestigious businesses and locations like Ministry of Manpower (MOM), National Gallery,  countless weddings, Bugis +, the Starker Franchise, One Farrer Hotel, and many, many more. 

Types of Events Available

Ferlyn is a versatile singer who is able to sing at your

  • Wedding
  • Wedding March In
  • Gala Dinner
  • Dinner and Dance
  • Corporate Event
  • Birthday
  • Regular Gig
  • Events

Having one of the widest repertoires that i have personally seen, Ferlyn is able to select the type of music to match the mood that you would wish to see at your event. 

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    Services Offered

    • Billingual Vocalist – English and Mandarin Songs
    • Also has Thai, Hokkien, and Cantonese hot favourites in her song list
    • Emceeing services – Ferlyn is able to emcee elegantly for your Wedding in English and Chinese
    • Extremely flexible – she can sing songs catered to an old, middle or young audience

    Whether you need a classy and sophisticated atmosphere, or a bubbly and cheerful event, Ferlyn is able to select her Songs and Emceeing style to suit the mood of your guests. Her sensitive and powerful vocals are perfect for your music loving guests.

    Not to mention, you can save costs too as she can double up as an emcee for a small top up compared to if you were to hire a totally separate emcee to do that job for you. 

    The unique thing about Ferlyn is that, she doesn’t merely sing what she likes to sing, but she matches the audience and age group of the event. If it is a crowd of aunties, she will be belting out evergreen classics like Jia Hou by Wang Xiao Hu and Gei Wo Yi Ge Wen by Deng Li Jun) that will get the audience into a rousing applause at the end of the set. If its a group of youngsters? No problem, she’ll be doing popular hits by Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, and Namewee. She’s one of the rare individuals that believes in always updating her song list to be a perfect match to your audience.


    Ferlyn – Possible Band Pairings 


    Ferlyn is a flexible singer who has performed in

    • Duets (Also known as a 2 Piece band)
    • Trios (Also known as a 3 Piece band)
    • Quartets (Also known as a 4 piece band)
    • Quintet (Also known as a 5 piece band)
    • Sextet (Also known as a 6 piece band)
    • Adaptable performer who has no issues pairing with musicians like guitarists, foot drummers, bassists, beatboxers, saxophonists, violinist, and keyboardists/pianists

    Ferlyn is the perfect musical accompaniment for any instrumentalist that you team up with her. Regularly partnering Stitch Fm in the Singapore’s most unique duo, Anchorblanc, Ferlyn has tried and conquered many kinds of band settings and song styles. Even when she is not with her dynamic duo. 

    She’s able to handle a cozy 2 piece setting, or one that is buzzing with entertainment.


    Additional Things to Consider When Hiring a Singer


    When you are hiring Ferlyn (or actually, any other singer), you will always need to consider the following –

    • What is your event type?
    • How long is the gig?
      • Are you looking at short entertainment that is 30 minutes for your event, or the usual 2 sets of 45 minutes for your wedding?
    • Does your event provide a sound system?
    • How many piece band do you require?

    I will address these issues one by one. 

    What is your event type?

    My general advice is that for energetic events like Dinner and Dances, it is better to go for 1 or 2 short sets of 30 minutes as you want it to end on a high note and sustain the energy of your crowd.  

    For events like gala dinners and weddings, you will want to prolong it as long as possible with sets between 30 minutes – 45 minutes, for around 2 sets. Ferlyn almost always does 2 sets in every wedding (one after the first march in, and one after the 2nd march in) except for a few exceptions.

    How Long is the Gig?

    As mentioned above, weddings and gala dinners are typically 1 to 2 sets of 30 minutes to 45 minutes. More energetic events will be just right at 1 to 2 sets of 45 minutes. For even more impact, it could just be 2 or 3 energetic songs sung to upon or close your event. 

    Does the event have a sound system?

    Most wedding couples tend to accidentally neglect that because they assume that the sound system, if it can manage the playlist and the emcee talking, should be able to handle a full band. this is usually not true due to a few factors – 

    • the numbers of channels of the mixer
    • the capacity of the speaker. 

    If the speaker isn’t built for handling a full band, overloading it may cause the hotel’s or the venue’s speaker to be damaged. Its always good to check with the hotel whether their sound system will be able to manage a live band.

    If you require a sound system, we will be able to provide Ferlyn and her team a hassle free solution of a speaker set that includes a mixer, all necessary cabling, lyrics stands, mic stands, microphones, and a dedicated sound man to attend to any issues , for a reasonable pricing. We are a hassle free one stop solution for your sound needs so that you can focus on the other important things during your wedding. 

    Other things to consider will be whether the sound system audio set up will be done at an indoor venue or an outdoor venue. Do let us know what your venue is like and we will be able to advice you on how many pax will our speakers be able to reach. 

    How many piece band do you require?

    Ferlyn is able to sing as a duet (2 people) or as many as 6 people, but ultimately, the final decision lies with you and your organising committee (or your wedding planner). Do bear in mind that a bigger band will cost more, and a smaller band like a duo will cost less.

    Also, here’s a tip that you may not hear about unless you are a musician – there are Dual Role and Single Role Musicians. A Dual Role Musician could, for example, handle singing and guitar at the same time, or beatboxing and guitar at the same time, who can be gotten cheaper than 2 separate musicians. A single role musician would probably be handling singing only, or guitar only, etc. 

    So if you require your event to be energetic (singing, percussion, guitar) without paying for the price of a 2 piece band, you can actually request to us that you would prefer a two piece band, with one member playing a dual role of guitar and beatbox, and the other member playing a single role of singing only. 


    Do contact us for Ferlyn rates, and we are priced reasonably at market rate. Our Add ons like Emceeing and Sound Systems are hassle free and inexpensive.. we will help you to resolve all your entertainment issues without you having to search everywhere. 


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