Hire Traditional Chinese Instrument Performance (Dizi, Pipa, Guzheng, Yangqin) for Birthdays Singapore

Want to be an awesome host, but you are unsure how to spice things up in a memorable way? Advent Music can supply you traditional chinese musicians (Dizi, Pipa, Guzheng, Yangqin) to perform live on your big day. 

Chinese Instrument Performance for Birthdays

We provide the following Chinese instruments (they can be combined in different orders if the instruments are complimenting) for your Birthday.

  • Dizi  笛子
  • Pipa 琵琶
  • Guzheng 古箏
  • Yangqin  揚琴 

We are able to do many different combinations of the band, and some examples include having a dizi solo set, or also, a dizi, pipa, and guzheng/yangqin quartet. If you are unsure, not to worry as we can recommend the appropriate number of musicians and the appropriate instruments needed to match the mood of your event. So, just communicate with us the mood and the feel that you wish to achieve for your birthday and we will be able to carry it out.

Hire a Chinese Instrument Performance for your Birthday

Our team of chinese instrument players is flexible and is able to perform at a big number of different events. Int the same way that having a correct music is important to creating the right mood to a movie, our chinese string team also sets down the correct setting and mood for your event. Do let us know if you have any song requests and genres and we will let our team know, and we will reply you asap on whether it is possible. Usually executed as a solo or a group playing soothing background music, our type of entertainment is not loud and intrusive, allowing your guests to mingle and network with each other.  

Covid Song – Singapore Be Steady by Gurmit Singh (Cover by Stitch FM – The Human Radio)

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Just like all of you, i was stuck at home during covid. Decided to come up with a beatbox version of this song by gurmit singh, “Singapore be steady”. This song is dedicated to all of you in the fight against Covid 19, we respect you, Singapore salutes you, and together, we can overcome the virus!

Everything that you are about to hear… is going to come out, of my mouth. enjoy!

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