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  • Wedding Emcees
  • Wedding Live Music Band (does cover songs and dedications)
  • Sound System Rental

We are your best one stop shop for all your SG Entertainment needs for your wedding, and we will be glad to guide you along the way if you have any queries. Planning your wedding entertainment for the first time can appear daunting – so leave the work to us! We’ll sweat so that you won’t have to sweat.  



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    (Applicable to weddings only)How many Emcees will you require?

    Any Language Preference for the Emcee? (English? Chinese? Billingual?)

    How many band members would you like? (One of them will be the lead singer. So far, Duo has been our hottest option!)

    Do you require us to provide a sound system? (Most hotel's sound system can only accommodate emceeing, background music, and video montage, but will not be able to accommodate an acoustic band. Still, no harm checking with them!)
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    If you need us to provide a sound system, how many hours do you require? (if unsure, put unsure)

    Roughly Many Pax will be attending your wedding? (so that we can quote for an appropriate sound system)



    Acoustic Local Live Music and Emceeing Entertainment Services

    Anchorblanc is a great Duo Band that is not only able to handle the music, but also able to handle the emceeing as well at an affordable and small top up, guaranteed to add a musical touch to your event. There were times where we managed to get the guests singing and dancing along too!

    • Performers for your Wedding Event
      • Stitch FM – The Human Radio (Playing Guitar, Singing, Beatbox)
      • Ferlyn Chen  (Singing)

    Don’t worry about searching to hire over lists and lists of local live bands, local wedding performers and emcees, just view our video above to be assured of our quality. Costs are also affordable, so do feel free to make an enquiry on our live music and emceeing. 

    Stitch’s beatboxing is also a great and fun idea to entertain guests at your wedding ceremony. and this is an option that is available as well.

    We are wedding singers who are also able to take song requests from your audience, and also able to discuss and plan a set list of songs with the couples.

    For your audience that will range from children, to teenagers, to working adults, to the elderly, we are your best wedding live band choice as our repetoire is very wide! We are a cover band, and our live band music includes some popular favourites like English Songs including Perfect by Ed Sheeran, Chinese 你最珍贵 by Jacky Cheung and Gao Hui Jun, Cantonese Songs like 追 by 张国荣, Hokkien Songs like 家后 by 江蕙, and even Korean Songs like My Destiny by Lyn, Japanese songs like Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase, and Thai Songs like Yark Rong Dunk Dunk! Do consider us as the live band for your wedding!


    Book Wedding LiveBand Rental Singapore

    Nearly all the time, Weddings require you to rent a live band for your big day, sometimes along with emceeing and sound system services.. Kindly let us know your preferences for your rental, and we will be able to assist. 


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