MOE Schools AMIS Singing Classes

Beatbox Classes

If you are a teacher, principal, head of department, or person in charge looking for an AMIS (Art and Music Instructor Scheme)  instructor to teach your AMIS classes. Advent Music would like to get in touch with you.

  • Advent Music would be pleased to offer
  • Singing Courses
  • Choice of Contemporary or National Songs (in line with Sg50) (if you require to see the song list to make a selection, feel free to contact Advent Music for a free consultation.)
  • We have AMIS certified Instructors
  • Rubrics and Lyrics that will enrich your students.

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    We believe in giving your pupils an all-rounded and holistic music education by teaching the fundamental techinques of singing that will give them a powerful kickstart into a world of singing and music that could open up many more expressive opportunities for them.

    We are in line with MOE’s vision and goal to impart a holistic education which shall help pupils to become conscious and globally responsible citizens.

    Singing requires discipline and perseverance. We will guide the students through the path of expression, improvement, and a pleasant voice.

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