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If  you are a MOE Teacher, Subject Head or a Music Teacher looking for STOMP classes for your students, Advent Music would like to get in touch with you.

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    • We have AMIS Instructors
    • Kindly contact Advent Music for an enquiry as STOMP equipment is subject to availability
    • STOMP classes for your MOE Students

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    Advent Music provide professional music instructors that has obtained the Art and Music Instructors Scheme (AMIS) certification to infuse quality skills into the pupils that both the students and teachers will be satisfied and contented with.

    The STOMP Percussion programme allows students to create and discover unique beats, rhythms and sounds that is of their own by using the art of recycled materials and items around you.

    It will definitely be a good experience for students to play together using different kinds of instruments such as Pails, Trashbins (Dustbins), Pans,  Red Bean / Rice / Green Bean Shakers, Bells and Whistles, to enhance their creativity in creating rhythms that comes out with a masterpiece.

    Students will also apply values like Teamwork, Innovation and other important core values.

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