Singing Classes for MOE Schools

Beatbox Classes

If you are a MOE Teacher, Principal, head of department or person – in – charge who would like to have singing classes for your students, Advent Music would like to get in touch with you.

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    We specialise in nurturing the skill of singing in your students. Our singing classes are targeted specifically at MOE schools.

    We believe in imparting a holistic music education to the pupils.

    The Ministry of Education (MOE) encourages “social and emotional learning”  (SEL) This helps in a student’s character development. For example, it helps the students to bring out their outgoing nature, communication skills,  their social skills, creativity and critical thinking which develops them into ‘globally responsible citizens’.

    As theory of “multiple intelligences” suggests there is no monolithic “one intelligence”, Rote learning with textbooks sometimes do not really help the student acquire intelligences beyond mathematical and linguistic logic. We place a high value on MOE’s vision to impart a holistic education which shall help students turn into conscious and globally responsible citizens.

    Music classes shall give the option to each student to further a career in the musical profession and every single student takes back home the ideas of empathy, group coordination, teamwork, and social skills. Contact us today!