Outdoor Sound System for Parties

Sound System Rental Singapore
Outdoor Sound System

Are you an event planner or have you been given the task of acquiring the best sound system for an outdoor event? We have all the gear you need and it will be our pleasure to contact you.

Our Speakers are powerful enough to be reach a crowd of maximum 320 pax.

Equipment (let us know what you will need from this list):

  • 1 D.I. Box
  • Necessary Cables
  • 1 Mixer
  • Up to 2 front of house speakers
  • 2 SM 58 Wired Mics
  • 2 Mic Stands
  • 2 Music Stands

Our Outdoor system

  • Suitable for any outdoor event
  • Sound is controlled from one central point
  • Produces crisp and clear sound

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     Outdoor events have nowadays become popular since there are no restrictions. There are things you should consider when having an event, like the distrance you want the sound to be heard from. The clarity of the sound is also paramount to us and therefore you need a system that is perfect concerning quality and coverage of the volume.

    We have it all

    It is crucial to look for a team that will work with you giving the technical support that you need at the event. There is a need to have people who has the qualifications and experiences in the field of event management. Our team has the knowledge, and they will work with you to give the best solutions that will be appealing as they will ensure you get technical support on the site of the event. It is a partnership that will be of benefit to you.

    We carry one of the most powerful sound systems that is not only loud, but also with clear quality. This is a plus since you can be rest assured that our sound quality are one of the top in the market and will suit all party needs.

    Our team is dedicated

    We provide a dedicated team to manage the sound system for your party  and will help you in the implementation of imagination to reality.

    So as to be able to manage the systems, our sound man can remain on the site if required. to ensure smooth running of your event. We will focus on the sound equipment so that you can focus on having an awesome time and entertaining your guests at the party.

    Factors we consider when renting outdoor sound systems

    There are some factors that the team will have to consider such as the number of people who will attend the function, the location of the event, the central controller of the sound.

    Another factor that must be considered is the weather conditions. Depending on the weather, the equipment can be protected during the event. Before the event day, the technicians should first visit the site of the event. Visiting will help us know the sound system to deliver and make the cost affordable.

    The distribution of music will be the primary factor to be considered. To ensure that the sound is well-circulated, we supply speakers that even the audience at the back gets sound clearly. In case the audience is larger, and the compound is huge, then our technicians will have to discuss with you to see the best alternative. The most important thing is making sure that the sound is controlled, and coverage is effective. If this is done, you can be sure that the event will be one of the best since the music will be contained and neighbors will be at peace.

    It’s our duty to:

    • Be aware of your every detail
    • Be clear about our prices
    • Deliver the best sound system
    • Bring your event’s imagination into reality

    Get the best

    Outdoor activities can be very enjoyable and full of energetic performances. Good organization makes the event to be liked by those who attended and the organizers praised for the outstanding performance. With this in mind, we aim to make our clients happy by working with them step by step; from the hiring process, delivering, system setting up and sound controlling to the end of the sound system hire.

    We have professionals who have the experience and we will provide you the best possible system that has good sound quality and volume, that will suit your outdoor event. They will make sure that the event is one of the best that you have ever experienced and organized.

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