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Advent Music offers Performances for

  • Dinner and Dance
  • Weddings
  • Countdowns
  • Competition Judging
  • School Shows
  • Other Indoor and Outdoor Shows

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    Beatboxing, the art of performing sounds and rhythms using only the mouth, is suitable to be enjoyed by all ages. Exploiting the versatility of the human voice, a wide range of songs are performed, allowing teenage audiences to enjoy hits like “I like to move it”, while more senior audiences are amazed to hear songs like “Billie Jean” and sounds like the Er Hu done with the human mouth.

    • Engaging and lively performance
    • Refreshingly different from regular performances
    • Audience Participation
    • Advent’s Most Demanded Show.
    • Repetoire can match the age of Audience
    • 15 minutes


    Guitar and Singing

    Tugging at the heartstrings of all audiences, the sound of the human voice accompanied by the resonant sound of a guitar is bound to add a romantic touch to an event. Timeless classics like “Words” by the Bee Gees, connects to audiences of all ages, while more current hits like “Just the way you are” reaches out to a younger crowd powerfully. Unique and engaging acoustic renditions of the top 40s are performed, and are guaranteed to add a fresh twist to your event.

    • Raw, Emotive performance
    • Refreshing twist to the top 40s
    • Suitable for Concerts, Weddings, Indoor Events, and Regular Gigs
    • Repetoire can match the age of Audience
    • Number of Songs is open to discussion



    Executed as a powerful grand finale, Looping combines Beatboxing, Guitar, and Singing all at the same time to create the ultimate one man band. The explosive combination of its versatility and its difficulty impresses any crowd, and its flexibility allows the performer to create anything from harmonized romantic ballads at a wedding, or top 40 remixes at high key events such as countdowns.

    • Grand Finale
    • Using Technology to fuse a single person’s skills into a one man band
    • Breaking new boundaries in regular, local performances
    • Suitable for Weddings, Countdowns, School Shows, Indoor and Outdoor Events, Regular Gigs, Dinner and Dances, and more
    • Suitable for Youths and Adults
    • 15 minutes

    Advent Music