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  • If you have a goal, we can also prepare you towards it
  • Lessons can be conducted at either a music studio or at your home


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Guitar Private Classes


If you don’t know where to take guitar music lessons, look no further. If you are a parent, a student, or a a music enthusiast wanting to learn how to play the Guitar, Advent Music would like to get in touch with you. If you want
Ever wanted to learn how to strum and pluck a guitar? At Advent Music, we teach lessons at your own pace and ensure that every student leaves the class knowing the different playing techniques of a guitar, the various parts of the guitar, and most importantly, how to create good music.

Maybe you want to be able to play in a band, or to impress your friends at a reunion or gathering with your new found guitar skills. We will train you to be up to standard to start expressing and impressing with your instrument!

Our basic acoustic guitar lesson curriculum focuses on chords, chord families, posture (including fingering posture), tuning, song playing, strumming, (and plucking if you are at an intemediate level.) Regardless of which level you are at, we provide a complete / full guitar course that will bring you to a higher level of musicality and technicality.

The advantages of having a live guitar lesson tutorial (as opposed to online tutorials and being self taught) is that you’ll have a teacher who can immediately see your mistakes  and give you a helping hand. Yes, there are many guitar lessons websites out there, and they are good too, but nothing beats having a tutor to watch you and correct your mistakes instantly as time is always limited. I once even went to the library to look for “Guitar Lessons for Dummies.” I cannot describe how many years that i’ve struggled alone thinking that I could teach myself, until I met my first guitar teacher.  Boom. Everything just catapulted from there and i stopped making all the previous mistakes that i didn’t know that i was making at first. And that is one of the main reasons why we provide guitar playing lessons for beginners – to springboard you into your highest possible potential without wasting any time. We are above and beyond just a guitar chords lesson as we also cover strumming methods and posturing. you will reach a new level for yourself when you complete the beginner lessons for guitar.

One biggest key that will ensure your success is the guitar teacher. When the right teacher is assigned to you, it is much easier for each student to discover his full potential. The best acoustic guitar classes are the ones that go at your best pace. The right teacher is crucial when deciding the best and fastest vehicle for yourself to learn guitar lessons.

In my opinion, i strongly believe that the best guitar lessons are sustainable in terms of convenience, and those that are able to cater to your own needs and go at your own pace. Our professional private guitar lessons will springboard you to the next level.

If you would like to take guitar lessons and enquire on our guitar lesson prices, please contact us at

Simple Guitar Lessons for Beginners


We provide quality guitar lessons for beginners and also beginner guitar courses for the dedicated musician seeking to hone his skills. Our Guitar workshops will empower you to be able to not only master the foundations, but also be able to perform pieces that will delight and impress your audience.

Advent Music believes in quality and provides you a quality guitar teacher who is patient and able to explain well. This guitar learning course is the easiest that we have and if you are an absolute beginner we recommend that you begin from here.

We provide not only a guitar beginner course but also for the guitar intermediary who seeks to hone his skills further if he/she wishes to go beyond the basic guitar classes.

We also have private guitar beginner lessons for kids, as private students as young as Primary 4 will be able to pick up the guitar due to developed fingers, Anything younger than that, though possible, will be a bit of a strain on their fingers (i’ve taught Primary 3s before and it was slightly tough for them). Our basic and easy guitar lessons for kids starts the children off at a beginners level where they can gradually pick up. The guitar is a powerful first string instrument for your children to pick up, because, the ukulele will seem extremely easy after that, and it can be their first stepping stone into learning difficult string instruments like the violin. From past experience, I personally picked up the guitar first. After that, learning the Ukulele was a breeze. That’s what our guitar learning classes and lessons are all about – to start with simple basic steps that will eventually push you into guitar excellence.

We ensure our basic lessons of guitar for beginners will go at a speed where you are comfortable at, with patient instructors who will gradually push you to learn skills that sounds good and feels good, as we offer easy guitar lessons for beginners.

If you prefer to have individual guitar for beginners lessons, our solo guitar classes for beginners may be what you prefer, so that you don’t have to worry about slowing the group down, or, being left behind. If it is your first time playing and you are looking for basic guitar lessons for beginners, our pace will be just nice for you. We provide a basic lesson for guitar that is not too fast or too slow for you, and this will ensure the best beginner guitar lessons / course for your individual pace.

Advent Music offers a basic acoustic or classical guitar course that you can pick up even at an absolute beginners level, to ensure that you get the basics that you need to know of guitar lessons, with a dedicated guitar coach.

We also understand that guitar tab lessons for beginners is something close to heart for the learner. I started off being completely unable to read tabs at all, but with guidance from a proper tutor, learnt how to read tabs, and even be able to tell when an online tab is wrong so that i’ll be able to make corrections to it during performances. Me or my instructors will be able to teach you how to read tabs as that is one of the single most important skills in learning the guitar.

As icing on the cake, if you’re looking for “guitar classes for beginners near me”, we not only offer classes at studios walking distance from City Hall MRT or Aljunied MRT, but even in the comfort of your own home!

As a beginner learning lessons, you will want your guitar lessons to be step by step and heavily scaffolded, which is what we do. we won’t throw you into the deep end of the world of fingerpicking and shredding, but our step by step guitar lessons will gradually help you to improve. Our basic guitar lessons for acoustic beginners ensure that you will know the basic chords, the correct posture and fingering and various guitar strumming styles in our lessons.

A Rhythm Guitar Lesson is also available with our skilled guitar instructors. If you’re struggling with new patterns that you would like to implement at your performances and dont’ want to be stuck on the same old, then this will be a useful course for you. These are easy guitar lessons for acoustic beginners (which can also be played with a classical guitar, no issues).

These acoustic guitar lessons / classes for beginners will help you to start on the correct footing.

If you’d like to enquiry how much are guitar lessons for beginners, kindly contact us at . We provide good and affordable guitar lessons that enjoyable.

Guitar Lessons for Intermediate Learners


The intermediate learners may also be pleased to know that we also offer fingerstyle in our guitar lessons. Fingerstyle is defined as the art of using fingers to pluck the strings (as opposed to using a pick or a plectrum in flat picking.) In our beginner guitar lessons however, the lesson is more focused towards guitar chords and strumming.

Its best not to struggle on your own, as that’s what i did initially and am still seeing a few of my friends do now. As time is limited for everyone, manay times the best option would be to just get guitar coaching classes to jump start your process and learn from others who have already walked through that same path, then to waste months and years struggling when sometimes.. all you need is just that one tip that will save you years of your time.

The best guitar teachers in the world go above and beyond the “10,000 hour rule” and believe also, in the principle of deliberate practice. We will show you techniques in the intermediate class, and we believe that if you’re searching for intermediate classes, you’re already at that level of drive and determination where you will follow through with the training at home. We can show you the door, but you must walk through it.

If you require a lesson with guitar scales, do let us know too and we can arrange for that at no extra charge.

If you are looking for guitar lessons near or around yourself, we actually offer classes in the comfort of your own home. We also hold it at a studio walking distance from Aljunied MRT or from City Hall MRT if you prefer that, and our guitar instructor will meet you at a place our your convenience.

This is the guitar lesson that you will enjoy!

Guitar Lessons for Kid Beginners


What are the beginner guitar lessons for kids near me? , you ask. We have 3 options – a studio walking distance from City Hall, or a studio walking distance from Aljunied MRT, or even better, at a studio in the comfort of your own home! We offer classes either as a group in a studio, Our Children’s Guitar lessons are specially catered to ensure that your child learns at a pace just nice for him or her. We understand that a child’s mind is developing and hence we heavily believe in scaffolding the lesson into tiny manageable steps that we eventually help the child to reach the end goal. Whether the end goal is to get a grade in ABRSM, RGT, or you want your child to be a teacher or a performer next time, we will equip your child at a pace that is comfortable. We use the say-do method – lesser lecturing, but more hands on, so that the children will learn the theory in the process of doing and having hands on. 

Whether you are looking for guitar lessons for kid beginners acoustic, or you want to put your child straight into classical guitar lessons, we have the right courses for you whether you prefer grades and/or fun and experience for your child. Our beginner guitar lessons for children will teach your kids how to play this musical instrument. These guitar classes for kids will tgive them the right foundation and beginning that they require.

If you are looking for a guitar teacher that personable, fun, yet firm with your children’s learning process, look no further! Your child will enjoy our kids guitar lessons.

We provide top guitar lessons, and drop us an email at if you would like to enquire about classes!

Guitar Lessons for Adults


One common question I hear among the friends of my fellow musicians, is, “What are the guitar lessons or lessons for adults near me?” It depends whether you prefer lessons in the comfort of your own home, or, in a studio. We use 2 studios, one that is walking distance from City Hall, and one that is walking distance from Aljunied. so do kindly let us know your preference!

Our Guitar Solo Lessons are great for the dedicated adult who is determined to improve his/her guitar playing. Join our adult guitar lessons today!v

Private Guitar Lessons at Home


When I ask around my clients and friends who are budding guitarist, a common question i hear is, what are the private acoustic or classical guitar lessons for beginners near me? Sometimes, a pro may want a solo private guitar lesson near him or in the convenience of his own house. The ultimate solution… is to have a guitar teacher at home.

If you are looking for guitar classes or lessons nearby, our classes can even be at your own home! You no longer need to search for who are the “guitar instructors near me” or “who are the guitar teachers in my area” anymore. You or your children do not even need to step out of the house. We can come straight to your residence and provide you guitar lessons. And here’s the best part – If you don’t have a guitar – we can rent it to you absolutely free during the course of your course. (You only need pay a refundable deposit of $80 which will be fully returned to you if the guitar is received back in the same good condition that it was issued.) Our one on one guitar lessons ensures that you get the focus and quality that you need to push your guitar skills to the next level. We provide a terrific solution for “guitar teachers or classes near me” – classes within the student’s home itself! Don’t waste your time trying to find a guitar teacher – leave that job to us.

Whether you are looking for a acoustic guitar teacher or a classical one, let us know your needs for your home guitar lessons and we will be happy to meet them.

From personal experience, the best guitar classes lessons are those that are easy to sustain especially in terms of convenience. You may encounter the best teacher in the world, but if he or she has classes in the opposite end of Singapore, you will probably start with lots of fire but then die in enthusiasm after the 3rd or 4th lesson. Have classes in the comfort of your own home!

We will give you personal guitar lessons that will catalpult your playing skills to the next level, by sending down a private guitar teacher that suits your needs. Our guitar lessons school.. might just be in your own home. Our Expertise. At your convenience.

Guitar and Singing Lessons


We understand that many students would like to learn the art of not just playing the guitar, but also being able to sing and play at the same time. Contact us to enquire!

Giving Guitar Lessons


If you are a guitar instructor who wants to give guitar lessons, we would love to get in touch with you and meet up with you face to face to get to know you better. Our process is quite stringent but we do look forward to welcoming you on the team. I believe that the best guitar teacher is the one that can acts like a doctor – who can immediately diagnose what the students next performance / theories needs are, and has the skill required to fulfill them.

Contact us at if you would like to join our dedicated team of guitar instructors to help us in our guitar teaching courses. Teaching guitar music lessons at home, or in a studio, can be fulfilling when we all have the right fit between student, vendor, and instructor.

Strumming and Plucking playing techniques are covered in our guitar classes. Contact us for our guitar course today!

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