Private Music Instructor Salary Singapore

We are a fast growing team who is constantly on the lookout for passionate and committed instructors who wants to impart your skills to the next generation. And, if you would like to teach music,we would like to speak with you.

We are looking for passionate and driven individuals to teach music classes.

Courses we currently offer:

  • Singing
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Beatbox
  • iPad Garageband

Perhaps you have a class that you would like to bring to the table too, and if you would like us to help you to promote it to students too, do contact us!

Job Scope:

  • Teach your art form to private students
  • Be able to demonstrate and perform your art form

We are looking for passionate, motivated people who wants more classes and performances to add to your already powerful repetoire,

It doesn’t matter whether you teach / coach  or perform singing, guitar, beatbox, dance, ukulele or even magic, we we will find classes and performing platforms for you to perform what you do best.

“Follow Your Passion, it will lead you to your Purpose.” Oprah

Perhaps you have your own unique courses or performance that you would like to bring to the table too, and if you would like us to promote your art form to schools, do let us know!

Do let us know your

  • Relevant music teaching and performing experience.
  • Relevant Music Certification
  • And anything interesting that we would need to know about your teaching / performing style.

Contact us today!

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