Sound System Rental for Product Launches

Sound System Rental Singapore
Sound System for Product Launches

A Public Address system refers to equipment that enables the amplification of sound during your event. The equipment is often abbreviated to PA. Microphones, speakers, mixers and amplifiers are among the relevant things that make up the public address system. A basic PA system consists of a microphone, speaker and mixer. We offer them all! Your function defines the style, model and performance of the public address system.

Equipment (let us know what you will need from this list):

  • 1 D.I. Box
  • Necessary Cables
  • 1 Mixer
  • Up to 2 front of house speakers
  • 2 SM 58 Wired Mics
  • 2 Mic Stands
  • 2 Music Stands

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The following are factors that we consider when setting up a PA system:

  • Number of people in the audience
  • The size of the venue
  • Acoustics of the venue
  • Levels of ambient noise
  • Type and number of microphones used
  • Other sources of audio such as DVD players, iPods, musical instruments and laptops

Here is a glimpse of some of the amazing things we offer:

  • Sound Assistant can be there for you throughout the entire event
  • Powerful audio equipment
  • Best PA system with Clear and loud Sound

Many people erroneously think that a small event does not need sound amplification. We have noted instead, that many people actually like to hear what is being said clearly. Therefore, it is very important to consider the above factors at all times. Interestingly, some occasions need larger PA systems not for louder sound but for better distribution and quality of sound especially in rooms or venues with odd shapes. In these cases, we avoid blaring too loud sound to audiences seated at the front, and also ensure that those at the back can hear.

Feel free to talk to us about the preferences of your event. Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to provide the equipment that your event requires.

Soundman provided if necessary

We provide a soundman to your function to monitor the levels of sound, so that you can set your mind off worrying about the sound equipment, and focus on the product launch.

Recording Product Launch

We can provide you with the option of recording the audio for your event. With an audio recording in MP3 format, you can upload it to your website and have your web visitors download it easily, or have quality audio that can be useful in your marketing peripherals. (If you require this option, do inform us.)

A Victorious Product Launch Function

We like to work closely with you. For this reason, we are Singapore’s most experienced audio visual service provider. You can be rest assured of an emphatic yet memorable product launch function. Since our audio equipment is not only loud but also clear, we will ensure that your event has powerful sound.

Best PA system with clear Sound

The excitement at your event depends on the sound system at the product launch. Our sound system ensures high quality of speeches, presentations and music.


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